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This is very good news!

"Medical foot care: Federal Council improves access for diabetics".


Bern, May 26, 2021- At its meeting on May 26, 2021, the Federal Council decided that medical podiatry care provided by podiatrists to diabetics on medical prescription will now be covered by the compulsory health insurance (AOS). Access to this specific care will thus be improved.



Since its opening, Vermont Podiatry has treated more than 30,000 pairs of feet and 600,000 toes (and as many nails!) Foot problems, we know, is our business.


Whatever your problem, we are here to restore, preserve and maintain the health of your feet. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge to end your foot problems.


Come with a problem and leave with a solution. Come with a pain and leave with relief. Come with a question, leave with an answer.

Put your feet in good hands

Our feet link us to the earth and allow us to move forward

Look after them and retain your freedom of movement!

The health of your feet is our speciality

Painful corns, ingrown or difficult-to-cut toenails, pain when walking...