60 000 pairs of feet and 200 000 toes


Since it opened in 1999, the Podologie de Vermont practice has encountered more than 20,000 pairs of feet and 200,000 toes, all of which received treatment adapted to their needs.Whether your problem concerns toenails, a painful corn, fallen arches or pain when walking, podiatrists are here to restore, preserve and maintain the good health of your feet.

These days, when physical activity and the benefits of walking are advocated as part of the fight against chronic disease, it is no longer possible to minimise the importance of the feet for health and well-being.A corn under the foot can be very painful. If this pain persists, walking is no longer fun and turns into torture. This is why you should not trivialise or minimise foot pain!

When should one consult a podiatrist?

If you have a foot problem, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What's wrong with my foot?
  • What should I do?
  • Who should I turn to?
  • Is it serous?

If you reply yes to one or more of these questions, you would benefit from consulting a podiatrist.

If the location of our practice does not suit you, you can her consult the website of the Société Suisse des Podologues (S.S.P.) where you can find adresses of practices closer to your home and other interesting general information.

One picture is worth a thousand words....

Here is a gallery of photos showing the lesions we treat regularly. These lesions may occasionally be startling, but they nevertheless correspond to the conditions commonly treated in our practice. It may be a relief to see that other people suffer from the same problems as you and that we routinely take care of them.

We will point you in the direction of other health care specialists if your problem is outside our scope.

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