A solution for every problem


Have you ever suffered a corn located on a toe or between the toes? Does this corn tend to return despite regular treatment? The best solution for solving this problem permanently ist orthoplasty. Orthoplastics are made to measure in more or less flexible silicone but, strictly speaking, have nothing to do with the protection found in commerce.

Our orthoplastics are implemented with the greatest precision. Effective orthoplasty protects and corrects the deformed toes (claw foot, hallux valgus) that are often in conflict with shoes. It immediately relieves the pain and may even avoid, or postpone surgical intervention.

Podiatric insoles (arch supports)

Some problems (eg. heel pain or forefoot pain) are due to the position of the feet or the distribution of the sole pressure during walking and being in a standing position. Our podiatric insoles correct this situation and allow overloaded feet to have a well earned rest. They are made to measure after a clinical examination and are targeted at and adapted to the problem.

We pay special attention to your shoes. The foot-shoes-insoles trilogy is very complex and we guarantee that any necessary modifications will be carried out to ensure an ideal result.


Some toenails ingrow regulary despite the appropriate podiatric treatment. In this case, the most effective technique consists of straightening the curvature of the toenail using a titanium wire attached to the toenail. The intrinsic properties of this wire enable a better shape to be obained, thereby assuring regrowth without complications.

Titanium wire is also used in orthodontics to correct the position of the teeth.


It can happen that you lose part or all of a toenail, e.g. following a shock or after a trek wearing shoes that were to short. In the majority of cases, the toenail in question regrows without complications - slowly but surely. Nevertheless, it can occur that the new toenail "loses its way" and risks becoming ingrown.

To avoid these problems, as the traumatised toenail is regrowing, we can carry out reconstruction of the nail, in other words, a false nail. Hence the new nail will be guided to regrow correctly.